Helpful Garage Door Hints & Tips


Hawkes Bay garage doors need maintenance

General Maintenance

  • Washing the outside of the door regularly with water, detergent and a soft cloth/sponge is recommended
  • Lubricate hinges and rollers with Silicone spray
  • Check the door rebounds if obstructed, if it doesn't call a tecnician.
  • It is usual for the springs to lose tension after a while to check , release the opener from the door by pulling cord. The door should stay up by itself and be easy to lift by hand. If not the door will need to be serviced by a qualified technician. Do not try to adjust the springs yourself.

Automatic Opener Reset ( Superlift S66)

  • Locate the control panel at the front of the unit .
  • Press the set button till  the LED Auto Detect button flashes the display will show A
  • Press the + button, the display will begin to Flash and the opener will slowly open then close and then open and  close again at normal speed
  • If the door does not close all the way Press the set button until the closing gap LED is lit up press the - to make the door close further.

Remote Control Learning (Superlift S66)

How to change the default code on the Wireless Keypad





Published on  October 12th, 2015